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November 15, 2006



this is so touchin'
god bless your family :)

Anne McGill


That is the best essay I've ever read.

We need the doctors to find something that will help your Dad with his pain and the understanding to deal with your pain too.

Thanks for letting us read this.

Anne M


Pain is a Pain, But your still a live.

Old id Old, But your still a live.

95% of pain is in our minds


As a fellow chronic pain sufferer, I'd have to say we try to look for "silver linings", but after reading your son's essay - this particular lining is more like gold.

May God continue to bless you and your family,


I can't even begin to imagine what it's like for a person more so the family to face the fact that a cherished closed one will have to endure so much suffering every day. It's truly amazing that you guys have pulled through and ended up getting closer because, rather than in spite of the fact. Thank you for posting this.

Marianne Richmond


I won't pretend to be able to imagine what your life with chronic pain is like, other than horrible...but you must be an amazingly wonderful person and father to inspire those heartfelt words from your son.



Jesus said, "a good tree can not bear bad fruit". Obviously, your son has shown how very true that is. God Bless you, and your family.


that has amazing insight for one so young ...

we've been doing this "chronic pain thing" for 22 years, married 32 years - but no kids ... sometimes i think children would have helped us to put things in proper perspective - during the more trying times ...

i admire my husband's ability to just get up every day, even though getting up is difficult ...

all i can say is ... God's grace has been sufficient thus far ... and i know it will continue to be - until we reach heaven's shore ...

blessings to all of you ...

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