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May 17, 2007


Colin M. Sullivan

Darn it, Wanda, this is everything I'm currently writing in my new post; now I'll have to start over!
To answer fisrt your statement to my question, "Is it worth the hassle?" You just answered it. It sure is when you're in a loving relationship and have found ways of giving back the love you receive. I've been hiding. Sorry for not writing more often; I've been in a pain spike for weeks and in my style have ignored the best advice I've offered to others. Thank you so much for writing this piece. You've cracked through my shell of isolation. I feel like a jackass for not saying to my loved ones the things you wrote so beatifully. Thanks and God bless, Colin

Anne McGill

Brava Wanda!!

I couldn't have said it better myself.


Dear Wanda,
In both of your recent posts you have really touched some key issues. Thanks you for expressing so beautifully the thanks we need to give our loved ones and the important part they play in our lives. Please know you remain in our prayers and we'll be thinking of you as you go into surgery. God bless you, thanks for taking the time to post on these important topics and heal quickly. May your adjustment to the new pump and getting the medication go smoothly. Breathe in Peace Kathy S.

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