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March 03, 2010


Jude Hutchinson

as always Annie, you have another great story to tell.I feel sorry for people who do not see the love of a pet, its sad. I know I couldnt live without a dog around me, and I do wish I had another by my side ! :) Dusty looks much better than he did a few months back, I bet its from all the loving he gets, right? LOL Jus Jude


I loved the post and the story. Dusty is precious. He looks like he has a big personality. Thanks for the share.


Hi Anne - I'm chandlerFan. Thanks for providing this link. Up until about 3 weeks ago I'd been off the computer for 7 years due to chronic pain (Soft tissue damage under shoulder blade)
I didn't realize how much the internet had changed over the years,a lot more clicking and less typing. I'm liking it.
I might even say my "shutters" have opened.
Thanks again I'll see you around.

Anne M

I'm just now reading your comment. So nice to hear from you and glad you are back online. I hope you are doing OK, there is a lot less typing, hopefully it makes it easier for you. I can type, just not sit or stand for long.


Great story. Now we just need to see if those furry friends can lead you outdoors. The sky is not the limit, only the backdrop. Love you Anne.

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